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We often see images with a professional sepia blue tone and you often wonder: ‘How can I do that?’, well is not very hard to do, just follow this tutorial and get a perfect tone in five easy steps. Leer en español Step 1: Open the .jpeg file that you want to turn into a [...]


I’ve been a professional photographer for around thirty years now and was enamoured with photography even as a child. From even those early days, I was aware of the limitations of Depth of Field. In macro (or micro) photography particularly, depth of field at such close focusing distances is extremely minimal. The usual method of [...]


Introduction: I am a self-taught photographer born in Chennai and a engineer by graduation. I  always wanted to hold a DSLR though I never knew how to click a photograph. My love for photography actually began in my childhood when I bought a SLR look alike for 500 Rs (Rupees) and showed to everyone that [...]


Levin Dieterle is an amateur photographer, and his interests are related mainly to nature and astronomy. You just have to take a look at his work to realize how talented he is. So we are pleased to introduce you to Levin… please enjoy this interview and part of his great work. Leer en español When [...]


Most of the photomanipulations I create have a soft dual tone. Dual tone is actually a colour effect made using the gradients in Photoshop; as a result, your image will look so much better and beautiful than just using one colour. Leer en Español The general idea is: change the overall saturation,  add the gradient, [...]


Recently, I came across this tree, which stood out from its surroundings by its bright red colouring. To the eye, the scene was compelling but as is often the case, the camera records it without the same emotive and creative characteristics that the mind adds. Leer en español Raw I took the picture planning to [...]


Social media, photography and internet. Bruce Levick knows about all these subjects and on this interview he shares with you all his experiences: from his motivation, what inspires him and his favorite DSLR brand, all the way to his time working with Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter. *** Leer en español 1. Tell us [...]


Leer versión en español Blue Night was my first “Explored” photo on flickr. During this time I was still finding my voice in photography. That night I was drawn to the city for its amazing skyline. Being a resident of Queens, I’m only a short subway ride away. I went there with HDR (High Dynamic [...]


I took this shot the day after my birthday. Me and my girlfriend took a trip out to the other side of Long Island, to Montauk Point. Also known as “The End”. The weather wasn’t desirable, mostly cold, damp and rainy, though it was really nice to get away from the city. Leer la versión en [...]

Carina por Rusell Brown A lesson I’ve learned over the years is that a scene that looks good to our eyes and even great on-screen, may not always have the impact necessary to make a saleable piece of artwork. Leer en español In the past, I’ve taken many photos that initially looked great. Subsequently though, [...]

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