I took this shot the day after my birthday. Me and my girlfriend took a trip out to the other side of Long Island, to Montauk Point. Also known as “The End”. The weather wasn’t desirable, mostly cold, damp and rainy, though it was really nice to get away from the city. Leer la versión en español

El Faro de Montauk

Montauk has a very strong charm to it. In the summer time Montauk is crowded with tourists and beach goers escaping from the city. It offers excellent fishing spots and plenty of tasteful sights to enjoy. During the autumn and winter months it might as well be transformed into a ghost town, but yet, it is the perfect time to visit. Avoiding the summer rush, the beaches are all yours. If you picture sandy beaches, you have to think it over again. Montauk’s beaches are covered in smooth oval stones and large rocks. The beach has large cliffs that hang over the shoreline. Its not uncommon to see seals swimming off shore or a deer gazing in the bushes. Then at the very tip of eastern Long Island you have the Montauk Point lighthouse (Pictured). First lit in 1797, it is one of the oldest active lighthouses in the United States. That day was pretty rainy, so the Montauk Light’s fog horn was sounding every ten seconds or so. That really reminded me that we are never far away from the past. I felt as if I had traveled back in time, before GPS and radar. I felt that an adventure aboard a ship awaited somewhere in the fog.

Tripod and camera at the lighthouse

So after exploring the beach and looking for eye-catching stones, I grabbed my tripod and camera. When the weather isn’t cooperating with you, you need to get creative. I slid my graduated filter onto the lens and began shooting. During the daylight hours I would recommend using a ND (Neutral Density) filter. This gadget allows you to control better the light, this ability is really important if you are into landscape photography. It is a must have in your camera bag if you are looking for soft water, cloud movement and a little extra depth of field.

I took this one intentionally dark. I wanted the waves to be soft and the scenery dark without over exposing the picture. After a while of taking pictures, it was time to get my hands warm again. Packed up and headed back to the warmth of a rental car. Then face the reality of heading back home. When I made it back home (reluctantly), I loaded up the photo in Lightroom. Desaturated all the color and added more contrast to give it that dark look. Put a vignette to turn the sky black and keep the subject lit. After all, the weather wasn’t what I had hoped for, so you might as well have  fun with it!

EXIF data: Canon Rebel Xsi, f/22, 0.6sec, ISO 200, 18mm.

Have you been at Montauk lighthouse sometime?

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