Pencil vs Camera: Ben Heine´s Art

Fiction and reality: two opposite concepts that just can´t but create sparks and magic when they meet each other; and no one better adds an artistic dimension to this exciting blend to create an original and unique style than the belgium artist Ben Heine. His art is not photographic, it is not pictoric, but a mix of this two expressions that create together this fantastic project called Pencil vs Camera. Ben, 29, has shown his work on dozens of galleries and has sold his art pieces for thousands of euros. In this ocassion in de Fotógrafos y Fotos we asked him about his motives and inspiration, also about what is that he loves the most of being such an artist.


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dFF: Pencil vs Camera, how did you come with this?

BH: This project started one year and half ago. I had been drawing and taking photos previously so I thought it would be nice to merge these 2 mediums. I’m still working on the series. I guess I’ll have finished it in a few months.

Pencil Vs Camera - 57

dFF:  How would you describe your artistic project Pencil vs Camera?

BH: It’s a creative combination of drawing and photography. The drawing is often surrealistic while the photo is a reflection of reality. The piece of paper is a door to an imaginative world with no limits.

dFF:  What inspires you to decide what is a good subject for your photo-drawings?

BH: Any landscape or subject can be good. It’s really the drawing that gives meaning and originality to the whole picture. There needs to be some connections between the sketch and the photo, but the sketch must also be independent and convey a strong story by itself.

dFF:  You really hold a piece of paper in your hand to achieve those results?

BH: The drawing is always hand made and I always hold the piece of paper in my fingers. From time to time, I need to improve the original drawing so that everything works together.

dFF:  What motivated you to move from “traditional” drawings to “delirious and fantastic” drawings? I mean something as the armed t-rex!

BH: Because it’s easy to represent the reality as it is. It’s much more difficult to make unreal drawings that carry a message. I prefer to opt for the complex option.

dFF:  What is your collection’s favorite artwork?

BH: I think it’s number 57 so far (the one with the model on the floor and the crow landing on her chest). Because there is a story behind this piece, but it’s a secret and I can’t reveal it.

dFF:  What is the biggest satisfaction that Pencil vs Camera has given you?

BH: Many publications, recognition from the art and design community, countless very moving feedbacks from people saying that images from this series really speak to them and inspire them, which is the biggest gift an artist can ever receive.

dFF:  When will you consider Pencil vs Camera finished?

BH: I think it will be over in 6 months. I’ll then finally be free for new and fresh projects…

dFF:  When did you realize you were famous?!

BH: Am I?!!


Estas son otras de las increíbles creaciones de Ben Heine de la serie Pencil vs Camera.

Pencil Vs Camera - 59

Pencil Vs Camera - 52

Pencil Vs Camera - 51

Pencil Vs Camera - 12

Pencil Vs Camera - 56

Pencil Vs Camera - 41

Pencil Vs Camera - 24

You can find here his whole Flickr gallery.

What´s your favorite photo? Share your comments!

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